Monday, March 12, 2018

Ho Yeah! Festival on 25 Mar 2018 at Bishan Community Club

I sense there is a renewed interest, or it could have been simmering all these while, in learning one's own culture, and that means, language, food, history and much heritage through the family, community and society.

It is so delightful to see the younger people banding together to organise a festival to celebrate a culture. And while there are many other cultural events, I think more could be organised, and more could or should be encouraged.

For once, I am going to help do a little blast to support this event. For those of you not in the facebook or instagram (yes, the young lives there, although the old ones are crawling into facebook as well), check out these posters. I hope to share more after the event. Or perhaps, you could share when you visit the event.

The programme is designed to meet a wide spectrum of interests.

Fai ti he tai lah (Quick, go and take a look!) :)

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